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2003-2004 County Team Results
2002 County Team Results
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Contra Costa County

Antioch Delta Skimmers (ADS)
Aquaknights Swim Team (AK)
Benicia Stringrays (BEN)
Bishop Estates (BEST)
Blackhawk Country Club (HOX)
Brentwood Dolphins (BRNT)
Campolindo Cabana Club (CCC)
Club Sport of San Ramon Marlins (CSSR)
Crockett Swim Team (CST)
Crow Canyon Sea Lions (CCCC)
Dana Hills Otters (DHST)
Danville Sea Devils (DSD)
Del Amigo Dolphins (DAPA)
Dewing Park (DEWP)
Diablo Country Club (DCC)
East County Stingrays (ECS)
Forest Hills Swim Team (FHST)
Forest Park Swim Team (FPST)
Hercules Piranhas (HER)
Indian Valley Swim Team (IVST)
Larkey Sharks Swim Club (LARK)
Las Trampas (LT)
Livorna Dolphins (LIV)
Lafayette Moraga Youth Association (LMYA)
Martinez Community Swim Team (MCST)
Meadow Swim & Tennis Club (MEAD)
Miramonte Swim Club (MIRA)
Moraga Country Club (MCC)
Moraga Ranch Swim Club (MRSC)
Moraga Valley Pool (MVP)
Oakhurst Country Club (OKCC)
Oakwood Athletic Club (OAK)
Orinda Country Club (OCC)
Orinda Moraga Pools Assocation (OMPA League)
Orinda Park Pool (PARK)
Pinole Seals Swim Team (PIN)
Pleasant Hill Aquatics (PHAST)
Pleasant Hill Dolfins (PHD)
Rancho Colorados (RC)
Rancho San Miguel (RSM)
Rio Vista Sharks (RVS)
(NOTE: RVS is a Sacramento area team in the N. CA. Swim League Mother Lode Conference)

Rodeo Swim Team (ROD)
Round Hill Country Club (RHCC)
Rudgear Estates Swim Team (REST)
Rudgear Meadows Swim Team (RMST)
San Ramon Aquacats (SRAC)
San Ramon Royal Vista Aquabears (SRRVA)
Scottsdale Swim Club (SSC)
Sleepy Hollow Swim Team (SH)
Springbrook Swim Club (SBRK)
Springwood Swim Team (SPW)
Sun Valley Swim Team (SVST)
Sycamore Stingrays (SYSC)
Valley Vista Barracudas
Vista Diablo Dolphins (VDDM)
Walnut Country Stingrays (WCST)
Walnut Creek Swim Club (WCSC)
Walnut Heights Otters (WALH)
West County Aquatics (WCA)
Woodlands Swim Team (WOOD)
Ygnacio Wood Swim Team (YGWD)

East Bay League Swim Teams

Chabot Marlins
Glenmoor Stringrays
Highlands Sharks
Kennedy Seals Swim Club
Mission Valley
Newark Bluefins
San Leandro Drowning Darryls
Southgate Penguins
Treeview Dolphins
Warm Springs
Washington Manor

Sacramento Area Swim Teams

Broadstone Barracudas Swim Team
College Green Gators
Cordova Blue Marlins
El Dorado Hills Taz
Fair Oaks Dolphins
Folsom Sea Otters Swim Team
Fulton-El Camino Stringrays
Glen Oaks Sea Lions
Highlander Dolphins
Johnson Ranch Barracudas
Laguna Creek Gators
Loomis Basin Dolphins
Natomas Aquabears
Nor Cal Swim League
Sacramento Stingrays
Sierra Sharks Swim Team
Tiger Sharks
West Sacramento Dolphins

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2004 Rec Swimming Archives
June 9, 2004
June 12, 2004
June 15, 2004
June 17, 2004
June 19, 2004
June 24, 2004
June 26, 2004
June 29, 2004
July 3, 2004
July 6, 2004
July 13, 2004
July 24, 2004
July 27, 2004
July 29, 2004

Recreation Swimming Page

ATSA Fall Clinics/Lessons (Winter Lessons also) available in Alamo and in Concord.
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2011 REC Results

Battle of the Ages

Dana Hills/Devil Mt. Pentathlon

East County Invitational- requested results - awaiting results

Lafayette City Meet

Walnut Creek City Meet Results

Concord City Meet- will post .pdf later this week

Crossings Challenge

Woodlands Invitational

County Championships

2011 League Championships Results

DCSL Team Scores
requested results - awaiting response

1. Scottsdale Swim Team 2369.5
2. Springwood Swim Team 1847
3. Pleasant Hill Aquatics 1830
4. Las Trampas Swim Team 1816.5
5. Rancho Colorados Swim Team 1816
6. Rancho San Miguel 1771.5
7. Livorna Swim Team 1749.5
8. Walnut Country 1012

OMPA Team Scores
OMPA results
1 Orinda Country Club OCC 3774.5
2 Meadow Swim & Tennis Club MEAD 3589.5
3 Sleepy Hollow Swim & Tennis SH 3280.5
4 Moraga Country Club MCC 2179.0
5 Moraga Ranch Swim Club MRSC 2018.5
6 Moraga Valley Swim & Tennis MVP 1952.5
7 Orinda Park Pool OPP 1798.0
8 Campolindo Cabana Club CCC 1764.0
9 Miramonte Swim Club MIRA 1465.5

CCSL- requested results - awaiting response

CCVSC- requested results - awaiting response

VSA- will post .pdf later this week WCSC- will post .pdf later this week 2010 REC Results

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  • Walnut Creek City Championships Team Scores

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    2008 REC Results

  • County Championships Results

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    Concord City Championships Team Results

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  • ECI Results-Team and B High Point Winners

  • Lafayette City Meet-Team Scores

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    TCSL Results

    VSA Team Scores
    VSA Results

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    WCSC Final Results

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    Concord City Championships Team Scores
    Concord City Championships Team Results
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    Walnut Creek City Meet Results

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    13-14 Boys Ready to Fly In for Breastroke

    2005 County Meet (August 13-14)

    Division I:
    1) Crow Canyon County Club-1,639.50
    2) Blackhawk Swim Team-1,147
    3) Round Hill Country Club-898.50

    Division II:
    1) Diablo Country Club-483
    2) Valley Vista Swim Team-427
    3) Dewing Park-290

    Division III:
    1) Moraga Ranch Swim Team-139.50
    2) Antioch Delta Skimmers-137
    3) Las Trampas Swim Team-124

    2005 County Meet (AT Pictorial Coverage)
    2005 County Results
    2005 County Team Scores
    2005 County Final High Point Winners

    2005 Sacramento Valley Meet of Champions
    (August 6-7)

    *Click here for results.
    *Click here for team standings.
    *Click here for individual points.

    2005 Walnut Creek Swim Conference (August 6-7) Final Scores

    1 Springbrook Swim Team-2,820.5
    2 Dewing Park-2,299
    3 Sun Valley Swim Team-1,630.5
    4 Larkey Sharks-1,590
    5 Walnut Heights-1,463.5
    6 Indian Valley Swim Team-1,404
    7 Rudgear Meadows Swim Team-1,394
    8 Rudgear Estates Swim Team-1,374.5

    *WCSC Saturday Final Results
    *WCSC Sunday Final Results

    The Gehringer Gators were shock full of green
    and fun as they swept up the weekend's
    Concord City Meet Sportsmanship Award.

    2005 Concord City Meet (August 5-7)

    *Concord City Meet Prelim Results
    *Concord City Meet Friday Results
    *Concord City Meet Saturday Results
    *Concord City Meet Sunday Results

    League Championship Team Standings (July 30-31)

    VSA League Championships:

    The Blackhawk Swim Team won its third consecutive A-division title at this year's 19th annual Valley Swim Association (VSA) League Championship meet on July 30 and 31. It was the sixth championship in seven years for Blackhawk. Diablo Country Club captured the B-division title for the second year in a row.

    1. Blackhawk Country Club-2,464
    2. Crow Canyon Country Club-2,289.5
    3. Round Hill Country Club-2,054
    4. Del Amigo Dolphins
    5. Diablo Country Club
    6. San Ramon Aquacats
    7. Sycamore Stingrays
    8. Danville Sea Lions
    9. Club Sport of San Ramon

    Click here for results.

    Valley Vista coaches Kelly McCabe and
    Eddie Lee decked out for the CCVSC League
    Championships in whichWoodlands brought
    home top honors in both A and B

    CCVSC Championship "A" Div.:
    1. Woodlands-912
    2. Valley Vista-829
    3. Ygnacio Woods-594
    4. Forrest Park
    5. Pinole Seals
    6. Antioch Delta Skimmers
    7. Brentwood Dolphins

    CCVSC Championship "B" Div.:
    1. Woodlands
    2. Ygnacio Woods
    3. Brentwood Dolphins
    4. Pinole Stingrays
    5. Antioch Delta Skimmers
    6. Forest Park
    7. Valley Vista

    Contra Costa Swim League Championships:
    1. Pleasant Hill Dolfins-1,102
    2. Walnut Creek Swim Club-734
    3. East County-660
    4. Dana Hills-583
    5. LMYA-123

    Click here for results.

    Twin Counties Swim League:
    1. Martinez
    2. Crockett
    3. Hercules
    4. Gehringer
    5. Benicia
    6. West County/Rodeo

    Diablo Swim League:
    1. Scottsdale-2,185
    2. Pleasant Hill Aquatics-2,086
    3. Springwood-2,001
    4. Las Trampas
    5. Livorna
    6. Rancho San Miguel
    7. Rancho Colorados

    Contra Costa Valley Swim Conference "A" Div.:
    1. Woodlands
    2. Valley Vista
    3. Ygnacio Wood
    4. Forest Park
    5. Pinole
    6. Antioch Delta Skimmers
    7. Brentwood

    Contra Costa Valley Swim Conference "B" Div.:
    1. Woodlands
    2. Ygnacio Wood
    3. Brentwood
    4. Pinole
    5. Antioch Delta Skimmers
    6. Forest Park
    7. Valley Vista

    2005 Woodlands Invitational Results (July 23)

    Walnut Creek Otters (W.H.O.) coach
    Kellie Banfield (right), pictured here
    with W.H.O. head coach Holly Johnson,
    enjoyed victory as she touched in first
    in Walnut Creek City Meet's 15-18 girls
    100-yard butterfly.

    2005 Walnut Creek City Meet (July 16-17)

    Top 3 Team Results

    Division 1:
    1st-Woodlands (AT's Matt Gillespie's team! Ass't Coach)
    2nd-Walnut Creek Swim Club
    3rd-Dewing Park

    Division 2-
    1st-Rudgear Estates
    2nd-Walnut Heights (AT's Holly Johnson's team! Head Coach)
    3rd-Scottsdale (AT's coach, David Delancey is in his last year of swimming here.)

    40th Annual Aqua Pentathalon Final Standings:

    *Crow Canyon Country Club- 1, 1:07:24.83
    *Blackhawk HOX-2, 1:07:42.31
    *Orinda Country Club- 3, 1:08:26.68
    *Springbrook- 4, 1:09:07.59
    *Round Hill Country Club- 5, 1:09:45.62
    *Sleepy Hollow- 6, 1:10:22.52
    *Walnut Creek Swim Club- 7, 1:11:17.16
    *Woodlands- 8, 1:11:34.94
    *Pleasant Hill Dolfins- 9, 1:12:41.81

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